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Schofield, WI 54476





There will not be a August Membership Meeting

The next Board Meeting is August 1, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

The club is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 Pm

The club is open on Sundays at 1:00 P-M.


The Weston Hit and Miss WEBSITE is up and running the site address is www.westontrap.com check it out. Some of the items posted to the site are The Current Newsletter The Shooting Rules- the Current Years Calendar. I will also email the newsletter to those who would like it emailed. Please send and email to westonhitandmiss @yahoo.com to let me know. Ideas about changes anyone would like to see or items that need to be included in the newsletter can be emailed as well to the above address. Thanks!!


ATTENTION: The Memorial Shoot is being held on Saturday August 5th 2006. The shoot is in honor of all past members. The shoot is comprised of funs shoots like the Wood tick, Annie Oakley, follow the leader and some sporting clays. Other options will be presented on the day of the shoot as they are still being worked out. Everyone that is coming is asked to bring a dish to pass. Beverages will be provided up to a certain point and then will be available at regular club prices. Sign up at 11:00 Shooting at 12 Noon.


Our ATA season was a successful one with May still topping attendance state wide. Some results from the June Shoot are as follows. The results are posted on our website as well at www.westontrap.com


June 3, 2006 - 16 yd Class B Kinzie Platta Over Harlan Foster with a 99, Class D Dustin Schmidt with a 96, Junior Kyle Wojicechowski over Joe Kirsch with a 95. Veteran was Jim Hoffman with a 99. Handicap winner Dan Suchomski with a 97 over Kinzie Platta. Yardage group winners 19-21.5 was Kinzie Platta with a 97, Junior was Kyle Wojicechowski with a 94. Veteran was jack Morris with a 93 at 21.5 yds. June 4, 2006 results 16 yd, Class AA, Gerald Demulling over Glenn hamerly with a 100 the short of was 25/24. Class C Kyle Wojicechowski with a 97 and Junior was Michael Suchomski with a 97. Handicap Women at 20.5 yds was Kinzie Platta with a 94 and Junior was Reed Slaby with a 92 over Joe Kirsch and Jonathon Filtz in a shoot off. This was Reeds first 25 and 50 in a shoot off. Veteran was Jack Morris with a 96. Doubles in Class B was Joe Kirsch with a 92 over James Dekay.



TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOT The Team shoot will be help on August 20th 2006, Sign up at 1100 and shoot at 12 Noon.


The shooting times for the Picnic will be in the next newsletter in about 2 weeks when the shooting season has come to a close.


Results from the July ATA Shoot and the State shoot will be included in the next newsletter as well stay tuned!!!


YOUTH GROUP NEWS The youth group had a successful trip to their SCTP State Shoot help in Sauk Prairie on June 17, 2006. Weston 1 took first place in the Senior Experienced division and Weston IV took second place in the Junior Experienced division. Individually Kyle Wojicechowski placed 2nd in the Senior experienced division with a 95 and Kinzie Platta placed 2nd in the Lady division with a 94. Check out our Web site at www.westontrap.com for the complete results of the shoot and some great team pictures.


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Cooksey, Secretary