P.O. BOX 94

Schofield, WI  54476





There will not be a June Membership Meeting

The next Board Meeting is JUNE 13, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. 

The club is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 Pm

The club is open on Sundays at 1:00 P-M.                                          


The Weston Hit and Miss WEBSITE is up and running – the site address is www.westontrap.com  check it out.  Some of the items posted to the site will be – The Current Newsletter – The Shooting Rules- The Current Years Calendar.  I will also email the newsletter to those who would like it emailed.  Please send and email to westonhitandmiss @yahoo.com to let me know.   Ideas about changes anyone would like to see or items that need to be included in the newsletter can be emailed as well to the above address.  Thanks!!



 MAY ATA SHOOT --   The May shoot was a huge success with 85 shooters on Saturday and 71 on Sunday this may have been the biggest ATA shoot the club has seen.  Thanks to all the members who helped during the weekend and a special thanks to Bob and Barb Foster all the way from Milwaukee for helping out with the weekend. 

Lots of club members taking trophies at the shoot:  On Saturday – 16yd AA Glenn Hammerly over Randy Riehle with a 99; 16yd B – Joseph Kirsch with a 98; 16yd D – Kyle Wojicechowski with a 95; 16yd High Lady – Patti Bricko over Kinzie Platta with a 93; 16yd High Senior – Jim Hoffman with a 97; 16 yd High Junior – Devan Kasprak with a 94.  HANDICAP:  19-21yd- Patti Bricko over Jack Morris and Dave Radosta; 22-24 yd – Randy Riehle and Jim Hoffman; High Lady – Patti Bricko with a 94; High Senior – Jack Morris with a 94; High Junior – Michael Suchomski with a 93.  DOUBLES:  Class C Russell Slaby over Jonathon Filtz with an 88. 


On Sunday – 16 yd Class A- Bruce Wagner over Jim Hoffman  99’s with a 25 vs. 24 tie breaker; 16yd C – Dave Odegard with a 96; High Lady – Patti Bricko with a 96; High Junior – Kinzie Platta; High Senior – Jim Hoffman.  HANDICAP – 19-21 yd - Joe Kirsch; High Lady – Patti Bricko with a 95; High Gun Dave Odegard with a 98. DOUBLES - Class C – Kyle Wojicechowski with a 93. 


The Next ATA shoot is scheduled for June 3rd and 4th - HELP is needed for marking - the day gets under way at 1000 a.m.  – If you can be available to mark for a few hours that day it really helps.  It also helps to double up with someone and then you can rotate to allow for necessary breaks.  If you know you can help that day let Glenn Hammerly know and it will help him to plan accordingly for the day.


SOMETHING NEW -- Watch the dry erase board behind the bar for the possibility of the club being open on Saturdays.  A board member may be inclined and have some free time to open the club on a Saturday - the opening time would be at 1:00P-M.  THIS IS NOT EVERY SATURDAY – be sure to check the dry erase board behind the bar to see if the club will be open.  This is for practice only – unless prior arrangements have been made with a board member to shoot a league score on that day.   There will be no setters on duty.  For further information talk to a board member. 


YOUTH GROUP NEWS – Glenn’s youth group is continuing the card raffles.  The guns will continue to change as each raffle is sold out.  The cards are $10 dollars each and can be purchased from Glenn or any board member. The money raised helps offset the costs of the youth program.   The firearm will be on display most nights at the trap club for you to see. 




Respectfully submitted,

Jon Cooksey, Secretary