P.O. BOX 94

Schofield, WI  54476






The next Membership Meeting is March 7, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

The next Board Meeting is March 7, 2006 right after the Membership Meeting



The Weston Hit and Miss WEBSITE is up and running the site address is www.westontrap.com  check it out.  Some of the items posted to the site will be The Current Newsletter The Shooting Rules- The Current Years Calendar.  I will also email the newsletter to those who would like it emailed.  Please send and email to westonhitandmiss @yahoo.com to let me know.   Ideas about changes anyone would like to see or items that need to be included in the newsletter can be emailed as well to the above address.  Thanks!!


CAPTAINS MEETING - The Captains meeting is APRIL 11, 2006 at 7:00 p-m.  This meeting is for all Team Captains and any new members.  Shooting fees can be paid at this meeting.  The last chance to pay fees is the before the 1st week of league is over.


HELP WANTED-- We are in need of Setters for the upcoming season - if you know of anyone that will be 16 or older by the start of the shooting season contact Don Suchomski at 715-359-5025.  The wage is set at $7.00 /hour.


A BIG THANKYOU- A big thank you going out to all who helped with the CWTA shoot held in January.  It was a little thin on the number of members there to help mark it take the support of members to volunteer a little time to keep this club running and keep our target prices down.  The ATA shoots are right around the corner so mark your calendars and come out and help mark for a few rounds.  The more help available the more often we can offer relief to the markers for a break.  The first ATA shoot is May 6&7. 


AGENDA ITEMS for March 7, 2006 meeting:

Old Business

 1.       New Cash Register

2.       Shooting Rules Change

3.       Camcorder

4.       Web Site

5.       Radios for Setters

6.       Quotes for adding on to the Club House

7.       Repairs to the doors on Trap Houses


New Business

1.       Cerebral Palsy Has asked us to hold a benefit shoot

 2.       Planning for a Spring Cleanup Day.


Think Spring Trap Season is right around the corner now is a good time for those of you who have not shot over the winter to check over your equipment for the upcoming season.   It is always a good refresher to think gun safety not only on the range or in the field but also when handling guns at home.  Think of the acronym TAB-K


              T- Treat every gun as if it were loaded


A-      A-      Always point your muzzle in a safe direction


 B -  Be sure of your target and beyond


 K -  Keep your finger out the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Cooksey, Secretary