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                                                       AUGUST 2006 NEWSLETTER #2



        The Next Membership Meeting

   September 12, 2006 at 7pm

                 This Meeting is election of Officers

                                                             The next Board Meeting is September 19, 2006 at 7PM.

                                                             This is a joint meeting with old and new board members.

The Weston Hit and Miss WEBSITE is up and running – the site address is www.westontrap.com  check it out. 


Our ATA season was a successful one with May still topping attendance state wide. The results for all our ATA shoots are posted on our website as at www.westontrap.com


TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOT – The Team shoot will be help on August 20th 2006, Sign up at 1100 and shoot at 12 Noon. Even though you are not in the Championship shoot, your team can still compete in the B Flight for team trophies.


CLUB PICNIC--The shooting times for the Club Picnic on Sunday August 27, 2006 have been determined.


Class C: 1030 am//Class D & E – 11:15 am// Class A – 1200 Noon//Class AA – 1:00 Pm// Class B – 1:45 Pm 


YOUR SHOOTING CLASS IS _______________________________________....

Please bring your dish to pass – Salads of all types are welcome.  Taco dips and chips -- just all types of dips and chips in general would be appreciated for afternoon snacking.  The menu will be the same as in the past with Prime Rib being cooked along with Potatoes and Corn.  Don’t forget to bring you dinner ware with you – plates, forks, knives ECT. 


YOUTH GROUP NEWS – The youth group had a successful trip to the Nationals in Sparta Illinois.  Glenn reports that the heat index for both days was well over 100 degrees. 

Weston 1 – Dan Suchomski, Kyle Wojicechowski, Kinzie Platta, Devan Kaspyrzak and Joe Kirsch had a team score of 946.  Dan S had a first day score of 96 and second day score of 95, Kinzie P had 99 and a 99, Kyle W had a 98 and 99, Devan K had a 91 and 98, and Joe K had an 87 and 84.  Weston 2 had Team score of 911 and was made up of Brad Gumz, Mike Suchomski, Jonathon Felts, Reed Slaby and Robert Spranger.  Brad had an 82 and 95, Mike had a 93 and 92, Jonathon had a 94 and 90, Reed had an 84 and 91, and Robert had a 91 and 93.  Weston 3 had a team score of 897 and was made up of TJ Dahlke, Heather Abitz, Andy Schmidt, Jessica Suchomski, and Dustin Schmidt.  TJ had a 90 and 90, Heather had an 86 and 87, Andy had a 90 and 91, Dustin had a 92 and 86 and Jessica had a 97 and 88.  Weston 4 had a team score of 870 and was made up of Logan Holtz, Corbin Kersten, Casey Grzywacz, Nicole Ogden and Matt McMahon.  Logan had an 84 and 92, Corbin had an 83 and 93, Casey had an 86 and 79, Nicole had an 82 and 93, and Matt had a 90 and 88.  Weston 5 had a team score of 802 and was made up of Logan Feit, Joe Bartlett, Kendra Ogden, Dustin Kellner and Peter Gorski.  Logan had an 85 and 89, Joe had a 74 and 82, Kendra had a 62 and 77, Dustin had a 90 and 85, and Peter had an 80 and 78. 


Other Youth Group News:: The introduction to trap shooting program would like to thanks everyone who bought cards for the 22 rifle this past year and the over and under combo this year.  With this money, the money donated from Fred Walker and the money from the introduction program  we were able to buy five break action guns.  Three of them are over and unders and two are single shot trap guns.  Rudy Gerber from out club won the combo and someone from outside the club won the 22.  The introduction program would like to also thank Paul LaVanway for donating 5 gun cases and the 22 rifle for the raffle,  Rob Bricko for donating  2 recoil pads and five shell pouches, Duane Bricko for loading shells and Lynne Howland for a recoil pad.  If there is anyone that was missed we appreciate your support and thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Cooksey, Secretary